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Paint n Paper

Home Improvements
Watch it transform from hell hole to hovel.  It's amazing what a little paint n paper will do... ok and some tiles.


Something Funny

Don't throw toothpicks in the urinals, crabs pole-vault.  Come back next week for more inspirational

In the News

Family in the news, find highlights over the years here. Photo:  Daily Press photo 2020 of Lawson winning the Rock's Hockey Tournament.


Day 224

Posted 10/21/2020
Day 224: A very full day, I've been putting this off because it could prove to be long and boring. Humpday... Made the boy a warm meal, set out his lunch and went for a shower. I look outside, fucking snow everywhere! A good 10" on the car. I break out the scraper, take 3 sweeps at the car and the ice scraper end breaks off and slices my arm open. I finish cleaning the car off, get in and head to sidekick's place... Just out of town the highway is closed. Now I have to say, it's has been closed down every day since Saturday in one direction or the other, some times twice a day... People can't understand that the first few snow falls off the year are slippery, and the car/truck isn't going to handle as well as it does on dry pavement... I divert to back roads to get where I'm going and it takes twice as long. Sidekick and his mom come with me into town. I drop them off at the doctor's office and I head over to shoppers drug mart for some stuff to repair the ice scraper hole in my arm... I also buy a watch and some jerky then head back to get the sidekick family. Waiting for them to come out, I breach the jerky wrapper and eat a piece... No where near as good as mine, it taste odd... The next piece I pull out is covered in mold, yup that's the flavor profile right there... PC brand, teriyaki flavor, teriyaki and mold flavor actually. They come out and we all head back to shoppers to return the furry meat. Now when I bought it they tried to up sell me a Lotto ticket... I told the clerk that it's was not looking like a lucky day that I would pass... To recap: snow, ice scraper injury, moldy meat, closed highway... And it's only 9am. Ya, Lotto tickets were not in the cards today. I get my money back. Then I go to the auto parks store with the core from the brake job I did a week or so ago... Time to get money back, no problem, not an issue... Well I did buy a new ice scraper... So I got back only half the money. To the bank and then lunch... A & W puts my burger on a bun rather than a lettuce wrap, I ask them to fix it, because of COVID they can't just slide it off the bun onto the lettuce, they need to throw it out and start again. So I wait, not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things. Now the main point of lunch was to waste time today... Sidekick had to meet a guy in a parking lot to buy a minivan so we did that on the way home.  Seems like a shady deal but I've bought vehicle from people in dark out of the way parking lots before too so we will just see how this plays out. Lol. I drop the Kick Family off at home and then go for eggs at the farm. Then the post office... My new cheques were in which means I can send in the app for my PAL. I fill out the cheque, stick it in the envelope sitting on the dash, walk back in and mail it off... Looks like there may be a new gun in my future. Home at last. A sit down and play one game of pool... Sidekick shows up, had work in the area and stopped by for a coffee. We had not hit our coffee quota for the day yet, no stop at Timmies today. Boy got in and squirreled away into the basement before the coffee had actually finished brewing. We had time for one coffee before the wife made it home, she then joined us. We did get to discuss the trailer project before she got in... I took inventory of the parts I have around the house and I shouldn't need a lot. Sidekick left and I put on some leftover soup and made some sausages for dinner. See, I told you it was a long day. My dad even called so looks like the shift from bad things happening to good things happening was the cheques at the post office... Apparently he was making plans to come by for a visit... Visitors are rare living way up there... We are averaging about 1 every two or three years. So we are now looking forward to that... Maybe on the weekend. Going to have to dig out some place for him to sleep... Hey it's just like when we go down there. So it's hockey practice tonight, still need to do that... Lawson and I head out, the roads are getting better. I stayed to watch the practice. Apparently the board members are dropping like flies and they need a minimum number of people at the meeting to actually vote and approve things. Rather than following the by laws and sending out notice of the positions that need filled, waiting the required time for new directors to submit an app and then selecting a new director from the applicants, they just asked me if I would do it. I don't mind helping out... They went sure why it wasn't just re-elected, I told them it was because no one voted for me... Well the person who asked said they voted for me, lol. So there was me, 2 friends that were voted in and are the reasons they need another director and the one person asking me to help, witch ultimately leaves me with only one person on the board that wants me there, lol... Should prove interesting, the resistance to change or following rules has to be why they don't want me, can't be my charming personality. ROTFLMOA. I watched the rest of the boys practice, he's doing well, they seem to at least be trying to do a little bit of semi related goalie stuff with him but it definitely needs some refinement. A step in the right direction. My guess is the other goalie never showing up in goalie gear because they did nothing with them has something to do with it. Tightened the lug nuts on the Subaru before heading home. Got home at 8 to find Heather tying more knots in strings... This thing has cables in it apparently... You think with the new tech they have out now that she would use Bluetooth rather than cables but I'm staying out of it, just safety that way. We watched 2 more episodes of Blacklist... That's 2 seasons down 4 or 5 more to go. I turned the tv off, Heather was still trying knots... Eventually she gave up and went to sleep.
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The drive to Sidekick's
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