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Paint n Paper

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Watch it transform from hell hole to hovel.  It's amazing what a little paint n paper will do... ok and some tiles.


Something Funny

Don't throw toothpicks in the urinals, crabs pole-vault.  Come back next week for more inspirational

In the News

Family in the news, find highlights over the years here. Photo:  Daily Press photo 2020 of Lawson winning the Rock's Hockey Tournament.


I'm just going to add these as I find them, there are a lot over the years...


January 4th, 2020 - The Daily Press Timmins (Thomas Perry)

Lawson foraged out on his own the following weekend and shocked the masses with some amazing goaltending.  Each year the Rock JR A Hockey Team hosts a 3 on 3 tournament... I think this is Lawson's Favorite format of hockey, lot's of action in the net, lots of breakaways... it's really a game that the goalies play a major part on the outcome.   This year the Atom game came down to Lawson vs his friend Rowen in the far net... both 1st year Atoms, both really good at what they do out there.  This year Lady Luck shined on Lawson and his Green Team won the championship.  The article can be found online here, I missed buying a copy of the paper... And from the article is a link to Mr Perry's photos of the event, lots of fun Lawson shots there.  I liked one so much I went down to see if I could buy a copy of it from the Paper... Unfortunately there was an issue with the computers and all the raw footage was lost... All I have at this point is what's online.

Lawson coming up with a big save, Semi Final Action.Lawson coming up with a big save, Semi Final Action.

Photo Credit: Thomas Perry, Timmins, Ontario 2020

To finish of the Holiday Tournaments Lawson ended up in Cochrane playing their annual 3 on 3 tournament... it didn't, to the best of my knowledge, make the Newspaper... but it was the end of hockey tournaments across Canada due to the COVID Pandemic.  The morning of the event we got out to the car with the gear in it... and it was gone... Heather took the wrong car to work... the one I had packed all the goalie gear in the night before.  We scrambled to put together a backup set which was only possible because Lawson had been collecting gear to donate to the associations.  Completely in back up equipment, most of which he had never used before Lawson took home his 3 Championship of the Holidays  Leaving him with impressive tournament stats for the Season and more hardware for the trophy shelf.   Photo Below: GoaliePow in Backup Gear

Lawson in the Spare Gear, Winning the Tournament in CochraneLawson in the Spare Gear, Winning the Tournament in Cochrane 

January 2nd, 2020 - The Enterprise Iroquois Falls

The Enterprise Newspaper - Jan 2, 2020The Enterprise Newspaper - Jan 2, 2020

2019 Championship Banner2019 Championship BannerLawson's team spent the weekend East of the Boarder where we got to practice our French when we ordered our French Fries at McDonalds... This was the only place we got grief from... Not going back any time soon.  They didn't understand when Heather tried to order a salad... ya, you go ahead and look that one up.  I'll wait.  The kids had fun at the tournament and even took in a Huskies Game (Rouyn's Jr A Team), our team cheered the Huskies on to victory like they were the teams biggest fans.  I can tell you, our section was definitely the loudest, in appreciation they brought us all free chips.  Lawson posted the best Goalie Stats for the tournament to help bring home the championship.

Lawson's Team at the Huskies GameLawson's Team at the Huskies Game


February 28, 2019 - The Enterprise Iroquois Falls

The team took out a full page ad to promote the upcoming tournament... all the family members bought up the copies of the newspaper that week because of the photos of their kids or nephews or grand children... long story short, advertising doesn't work if all the people who already know about the event buy all the papers with the ad in it leaving others who the ad was intended for without the paper or the ad... I think I have a few spare copies of this paper, anyone need one?  LOL  To see highlights of the event check out Lawson's YouTube Channel, here is a link to the event.  Please Like and Subscribe to the channel, it means a lot to Lawson, he's still looking to get those first 100 subscribers.


November 2017 - SEMA Magazine (Specialty Equipment Market Association)
by Chad Simons

SEMA Show Magazine November 2017SEMA Show Magazine November 2017Getting a Car or Truck in the SEMA Show in Las Vegas is a Big Deal, only the best of the best get a chance to enter, 6 and 7 figure builds, the stuff you see on TV Show about Custom Built Works of Art.  Now I don't have a few hundred thousand dollars to spend on a toy... wait... that got me thinking.  I started my build for the show and a HotRod Race in Kentucky... I built the Canuck Truck.  It was to donate to the SEMA Cares Charity.  They race the Pinewood Cars, Take them to the The Big Show and the Auction them off at the Gala Event and the money goes to their charity to help children.  A good deal all around.  Now Chad has me listed as owning some All American HotRod company in the US, just an error but that's ok... just something else to add to my resume.  I'll forgive him for that... honestly does this look like it came out of some Scouters Basement in Backwater Canada or a Premier Speed Shop in the USA.  I'll take that as a complement. 

The Canuck Truck 2017The Canuck Truck 2017




April19nd, 2016 - The Enterprise Iroquois Falls  

Pat, Rod and Lawson at KubKar Race in CochranePat, Rod and Lawson at KubKar Race in Cochrane

 From when I first started working as a Scout Leader, Lawson was a little young to be building KubKars himself so he 'borrowed' one of mine... he Liked the Red one so I let him race that in the Open Vintage Community Class at the Cochrane Annual Kub Kar Rally.   He won 2 trophies at the event... 1st place for design ( I suppose that should be mine but I did let him pick which car he wanted, so he's got good taste, must count for something )  AND it managed a 2nd place in the speed category behind Pat, who normally wins all these events.  I had to settle for a 3rd place... I guess that's what I get for running a Ford at the Event.  It was a pretty Ford though...  And the Red Coupe won over this... I have to admit the Red one had it's own team transport truck made for the Scout Track Races, so it was a package deal... let me see if I can find  photos of that... 

Kub KarsKub Kars



April14th, 2016 - The Enterprise Iroquois Falls

Lawson Receives ESSO Award for Most Dedicated PlayerLawson Receives ESSO Award for Most Dedicated Player

The hockey season had come to a close, all the peanuts were counted and the awards given out.  Lawson's First Year of Hockey got him and ESSO Award for the Most Dedicated player on the team.   You will find him in the front Left wearing the Boston Shirt... at this point he still didn't know he was a Calgary fan so I dressed him in a proper shirt. LOL