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Paint n Paper

Home Improvements
Watch it transform from hell hole to hovel.  It's amazing what a little paint n paper will do... ok and some tiles.


Something Funny

Don't throw toothpicks in the urinals, crabs pole-vault.  Come back next week for more inspirational

In the News

Family in the news, find highlights over the years here. Photo:  Daily Press photo 2020 of Lawson winning the Rock's Hockey Tournament.


Our Family Website

Welcome to our website!  With the clamp down on Social Media sites run by bots who punt users at random for heinous crimes they likely never committed, AND who only promote information that meets their special agenda, it only makes sense to move away from the stupidity of the masses and keep things in a place of our own.  Photos, stories, blogs, sports, art... a Place For all Our Stuff.  



We live in the middle of nowhere... no let me correct that... we live adjacent to the middle of nowhere.  In the time we've been here we can count the number of people that have come to visit on one hand.  We understand you all have busy lives... we also understand that a good number of you need to get on a plane to get here.  Well not here but as close to here as planes get.  We will drive to the airport and pick you up if that helps... it's only an hour or so away.  Now what was I going on about?  Oh yes, the fact is some of you think we live in an igloo and get from point A to point B with our dog sled and team of wild wolves.  I'll have you know that it's not true... the wolves are actually well trained.  And for a month in the summer when we have no snow we actually have to travel by canoe.  I was thinking about it the other day... if we eat Pacific Salmon for dinner and I process that and it ends up where processed food ends up after our bodies are done with it, that salmon goes from here into the Arctic Ocean... if Heather processes hers while she is at work, it goes to the Atlantic Ocean... Think about it... One Meal... Three Oceans.  Yes adjacent to the middle of nowhere.  SOOoooo... Here, since almost none of you visit... I will bring a little bit of our lives to our friends and family that won't brave the travel or the bears or the black flies or the wolves, panthers, lynx... shit, come to think of it there's a lot of shit here that will eat you if you aren't careful...   Oh and frankly I'm tired of worrying what will get me kicked off one of my media account and what won't, shit is just getting stupid out there... so let's see them censor this.  Oh but Rod, why's it a big deal if they lock you out of your media accounts, don't you have 7 or 8 of each?  Well yes I do, but that's not the point.  This Space is Mine.

About us... Well, I'm Rodrick Kensworth Turnbull JR, of the Queensland Turnbull's, I met my wife Heather Grey of Ashbury while traveling abroad.   We came to settle in Northern Ontario when Heather finished her University degree, a combined Masters in Earth Sciences and Biology, to work in the Gold Industry.   Life was harsh living in the north, the people were weary of outsiders coming to take their gold... and you just can't build your igloo anywhere... apparently there are rules here... unwritten rules... but good cheap fire insurance, apparently igloos aren't high risk when it comes to catching on fire.   Eventually we had a Son... really there is only so much to do up here to keep warm, it was bound to happen.  His name was Lawson... I don't recall where that came from.  I do recall suggestions for his second name (second names are important), there was:  Found... Time... Space... none of which Heather found acceptable.  We kept going around in circles and coming back to names we couldn't agree on... like a dog chasing it's own tail.  Eventually he got bigger.  Turns out he's a goalie in his spare time... He speaks French and English, I like to think I had something to do with the English part but I'll be damned if I know where he picked up that French stuff.  To find out more you will have to ask or creep through this website.  Caution, things may not be what they first seem. 

Rod, Heather & Lawson

Rod (Far left) : Fell down, can no longer reach his beer.
Heather (Middle) : A real gold digger but they won't let her take it home from work.
Lawson (Right) : GoaliePow, Jock, Geek, Gamer, Comedian... Chameleon, not the green one  

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