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Paint n Paper

Home Improvements
Watch it transform from hell hole to hovel.  It's amazing what a little paint n paper will do... ok and some tiles.


Something Funny

Don't throw toothpicks in the urinals, crabs pole-vault.  Come back next week for more inspirational

In the News

Family in the news, find highlights over the years here. Photo:  Daily Press photo 2020 of Lawson winning the Rock's Hockey Tournament.


Day 218

Posted 10/15/2020

Day 218: Argh, not moving well today... Did too much yesterday. Lawson had cereal for breakfast and packed his own lunch. After he was off to school, SideKick stopped by for a coffee... We took a death tole count on project x to square up the loses. Did some paperwork and issued him another photo for his PAL... Eventually he had to go back to work. I started on the jerky. Part way through I got a call from a good friend from down south... I gotta tell you I truly have an interesting bunch of friends, very different people from different places and times, different mindsets and areas of expertise or knowledge. It keeps me always looking at things from angles that are not based from within the box. Anyway, we talked money, politics, and speculated on the price of a loaf of bread this time next year... Not looking pretty by any stretch of the imagination. I finished slicing and depidgeoning the beef while I was on the phone. After the call and jerky was taken care of I started in on the turkey soup. We do a lot of cooking, most of what we eat is home made, not a lot of packaged foods... And well soup is a natural thing to make out if many of the leftovers both pre and post cooking... Lawson always looks forward to the soup... He's not a fan of leftovers but soup is definitely the exception. That consumed the rest of the afternoon, as Heather was getting in all it needed was her ok on the salt levels (she's a little sensitive to the salt so I put too little in and wait for her to add to taste... Because her taste levels constantly change from day to day for some reason). We ate, it was wonderful, Heather even added some noodles to Lawson's before it hit his bowl... Gotta keep his carbs up to keep him fueled up for hockey. Oh and cheese... Couldn't forget to put some cheese on top, havarti... Yes that's all it needed. Afterwards we binge watched a few more episodes of the Blacklist before turning in for the night.