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Paint n Paper

Home Improvements
Watch it transform from hell hole to hovel.  It's amazing what a little paint n paper will do... ok and some tiles.


Something Funny

Don't throw toothpicks in the urinals, crabs pole-vault.  Come back next week for more inspirational

In the News

Family in the news, find highlights over the years here. Photo:  Daily Press photo 2020 of Lawson winning the Rock's Hockey Tournament.


Day 215

Posted 10/12/2020

Day 215: Monday oh what evilness does Thanksgiving have in store for us this year. The boy gets up too early, doh! It's not Christmas, Santa hasn't come yet there is nothing under the tree, go back to bed we will make turkey later. We eventually get up, grab a shower, pack up the food and head to Timmins. Everything was mostly ready, bird seasoned, in the pot, tented... Ready to stick in the oven. We got to Melanie's friend's place and plunge the bird into the hot box. Now we took a card game but didn't get to it right away. Seems we just pretty much pissed away the afternoon chatting about this and that while occasionally tending to food cooking in the other room... Ok maybe we had a few drinks too, better to day drink rather than drive home drunk. Had a good Dinner, everything was timed perfectly... It was almost like it wasn't our first rodeo. After dinner we got into that card game... Cards Against Humanity, yes we finally found people to play it with, lol... What a gem of a game that is, ROTFLMAO... Enjoyed it enough the first game, we played it again... Lawson, go play the video game, I can't read this card with you in the room. Yup, we are all going to hell now. We packed up some leftovers as they were on their 2nd turkey day celebration this weekend and were planning yet another later this week... You can only eat so much turkey. I see turkey soup on the horizon. The drive home was uneventful, we all stayed awake all the way home... Even me... The wife disapproves my sleep driving. The food got put away, everyone got ready for bed and crashed shortly after walking through the door.

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Day 214

Posted 10/11/2020

Day 214: Sunday... Prepday. Someone's gotta cook all that yummy stuff we are going to eat tomorrow... And it's not going to happen all in one day. Heather started early with the pumpkin pies. Then she mixed up a bowl of pancake batter from my secrete recipe... I took over when it came time to do the dirty job of cooking the little bastards up... Just a little tricky due to the delicate nature of the beast. I helped clean up the kitchen as she cooked way... Keto buns was next on the agenda, a few batches of those should do. Lunch was a few more leftovers from the fridge. When her tasks in the kitchen were put on hold waiting for something to cook or rest or harden or something... I had time to make a pizza a slide it into the oven between the tomorrow tasks. We ate while doing some more binge watching, followed by GF/keto pumpkin cheesecake... Yup she was making more keto food for tomorrow... Diet food, go figure... Which reminds me someplace in there I missed the coconut water rum based milkshakes we had because, umm, because day drinking I guess. Lol... After dinner the cheesecake came out of the oven... Oh I can't wait... A little more binge watching and off to sleep again. Note to self: get up early enough to prep the bird in the morning.  


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Day 213

Posted 10/10/2020

Day 213: Saturday, first day of the long weekend... Time for a trip into the big city to get ready for Thanksgiving. We all had breakfast and hopped in the car. Lots on the agenda. Skate blades need sharpening but the place was already closed for the long weekend. Food... We needed only a few things. Unfortunately they proved harder to find than anticipated... Someone apparently went into the bulkbarn and bought the whole entire bin of wild rice. Now wouldn't you order that if you knew you needed a 100 lbs of wild rice? Specially just before Thanksgiving... Not sure how the logic played out on that... They thought what? Oh I'm sure that's not going to inconvenience anyone... What the fuck do you do with that much wild rice... Like fuck we only needed 1/2 cup... We went to 6 other stores... No luck. Wal-Mart, shoes for the boy and a pair of jeans that aren't almost 20 inches to big for me was in order... All the shopping was making the wife nuts, she doesn't like shopping... We gave up and went for lunch. A&W, they will wrap anything you want in a bunch of lettuce, which all in all isn't a bad idea. Photos, we needed photos printed before leaving town. Well, we tried at Wal-Mart earlier but the staff there had no idea how their own equipment worked... Almost like they were in training for a job at Staples. Morons... We tried shoppers... The machine was out of ink... 3 of them... Looked fishy to me, I asked them to call the other shoppers before I head over there to try again... My suspicion was confirmed... Theirs were broken... Sounds more like a COVID19 conspiracy to me than a city wide photo machine meltdown. I went to the grocery store and found a photo machine that had ink and no mysterious malfunctions. By now everyone was dying to get the hell out of town, which we did post haste. We scavenged leftovers from the fridge for dinner and once again watched some Blacklist before bed.

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Day 212

Posted 10/9/2020

Day 212: TGIF got up, got the boy off to school and tried to regain a foot hold in the kitchen after the last few days absence. Dug out the sink, took care of the dishes so I had enough room to make breakfast. The twins dad stopped by for a visit on his way through town... Don't get a lot of people visiting way out here... Likely more my charming personality rather than the remote location. LOL Talked about ways to fix things around the house, particularly the floor... He does a lot of his own home projects, it's always good to get another set of eyes on a project. Couldn't talk him into a coffee but before he escaped sidekick stopped by, he drinks coffee. I have to say, my friends aren't normal, well I mean that in the nicest way... Some are left of center, some are right, some eat green eggs and ham and others avoid pork... I can rarely have them all in the same room at the same time.   Not without war raging... I'm pretty open minded and enjoy a good debate, I can't say I see eye to eye with my friends in their beliefs but just because we aren't on the same page on certain topics doesn't mean we can't be friends... A lot of people now a days forget that... There was a brief exchange about the use of masks that set the cart in motion and the apples tumbling... Basically people who don't wear masks are ignorant hicks and teachers are stupid... Man I can argue those topics either way. Frankly if the human race isn't going to survive without paper doilies strapped to our heads, we are fucked, pull the plug, get it over with... Looking at it that way masks make no sense... Here in lies my problem... Things go extinct, other things move in and take over the resources the extinction has freed up... It happens every day... BUT we only get our knickers in a twist when cute fuzzy things go missing or we have a direct invested interest in the extinction... The common cockroach hits the endangered species list and no one is going to give a shit... Are cute fuzzy things more important? Or something we value as a food source... I suppose you could keep cockroaches as pets or make them into a food source but... And lord forbid it's humanity that's in danger... Let me tell you, the world isn't coming to an end any time soon... Hey we might not be around to report on its carbon emissions... But are we sure that's not a bad thing? And as for the teacher thing... I think they are more misunderstood than dumb... It's about focus on the way things should be, facts from reputable sources, and looking at stupid people who don't understand with complete bewilderment. This typically puts them in a place where they won't entertain ideas beyond the scope of feasible. A good conspiracy theory has the chance of melting the world they live in and make them seem a little out of their wheel house... But for some reason few resist the chance to look at the theorist like they have grown an extra head. The over lap in visiting friends didn't last long. Sidekick sat down for a coffee.  After the coffee we took a quick trip to his place to look at some axles for the next project I have in mind. Looks promising... He dropped me back at home, I changed a wiper blade on his car, I always have a few spare lying about. The boy got home. We sat down and tried to figure out when the next Minecraft update was coming to the beta testing snapshots we play/test... Might be a while... It looks like it's not due to be released until next summer. He then ran off to play other games with his friends. Heather came home, we got into some chicken wings again and started talking about houses... It would be nice to build something in a few years. After dinner and home planning we watched another Blacklist episode. Binge watching stuff before bed seems to be a new hobby... It's getting cold up here... The desire to go out and do things is starting to wane. No doubt we will be baried in snow soon.

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Day 211

Posted 10/8/2020

Day 211:. The alarm went off, 3 time it did... Did too much yesterday... Didn't want to even move today. I got the boy some food, French toast, leftover French toast, heated up in the microwave... That's all I could muster. He made and packed his lunch and was out the door. I lay down and looked at the ceiling all day long... Well at least until Heather got home. I started cutting up stuff for dinner... Peppers and onions to go on the skewer with the pork I've had marinating since the other day. Took almost 2 hours... I was not working at 100% capacity. Got them in the oven and had a better dinner than the night before. We retired to the bedroom and started to binge watch another series... Blacklist, seems good so far. Still hurting, still sore, plus a headache now, going to pack it in for the night.

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Day 210

Posted 10/7/2020

Day 210: A very long humpday... Heather got up 5am had a shower, Lawson got up had a shower, I had a shower... And it's raining out... yup the sewer isn't up to taking that much water... Thankfully shower water and rain water isn't that bad to clean up off the floor in the basement. Made sure Lawson was looking ok, apparently today is picture day, not sure what happened with that other picture day, must have been my crappy french reading skills. I go out to hop in the car to fetch Sidekick... Fuck not even a click or an led blinking on the dashboard... Battery was dead... I hooked up the 'smart' charger... It told me there was no battery in the car... I got the stupid charger and hooked it to the car as well... Nothing, it hummed but apparently there was no juice getting to the car, maybe a bad wire inside... I fetch the trickle charger and hook it up as well. Yes now I have 3 chargers hooked to 1 battery all at the same time. Juice is flowing from the trickle charger... The smart charger now acknowledges the fact that there may be a battery in the car and it could have been previously in error. (I thought a lot about this later, how smart is it to buy a smart charger from the same place you buy your batteries from? "Um, dude... You need a new battery" But I just put a new battery in the car... "Sorry man I can only tell you what the guy who runs the battery shop told me to say."). Eventually I got it started but was late to pick up sidekick and his mom. We head into Timmins, dr.'s appointment first. While they were in the office I took a quick trip over to O'Rielys to pick up skate blade and such. Skates were done and good to go... But the blade problem with the other skate they weren't exactly sure what the problem was, I had only briefly mentioned it in a text message and we thought we were all on the same page but we weren't. I explained it in person and they called around to try and find where Lawson's set of blades ended up... No luck yet... I will give it a month or so and see if anything surfaces, with a spare set of skates it's not a huge deal. Back to pick up sidekick and his mom. Then BestBuy, Melanie was working today, we needed to get sidekick's cell phone looked at, it was leaking data and running out too early. They managed to give him more data and lower the cost $10 a month, so he's good to go there for a bit. Lunch time, A&W... The bulkbarn... The grocery store... Timmies and then the bank before heading out of town. After dropping off SideKick a went to the farm to pick up some food stuffs before heading home. I was putting off the plumbing job.

Brought in the groceries, then went down to fix the sewer. Now for shitz and giggles I measured how far out the issue was... 47' from the vent... I finished clearing the line and went outside... Paced it off... Damn just what I had feared. Right where Project X still lies... Damn it has to be crushing the line. Boy made it home from school and helped me relocate the wood pile... When Heather got home she looked around and asked what I had done all day. Lol. Yup I have enough energy left to make you a scrambled egg for dinner if you're really hungry. After the eggs I went back on the quest for the missing skate blades... Went to the obvious places first, and then room by room, inch by inch, I tried to clean up as I went along... Hours later still nothing. While in the basement Lawson pushed a box with bases out of his way so he could get an inch closer to the tv... The box made a strange metal clanging noise... Baseball bases don't make that noise. He fished around in the box and pulled out the blades... Lord they could have been lost all season, those were paced up to go into storage for the winter... Going to credit the boy with the find of the night. By this time it was late... I was able to relax knowing that the blades were found, and were all packed it in for the night.
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Day 209

Posted 10/6/2020

Day 209: Garbageday, got together the garbage and recycling this week, had enough to put both out, lucky us. Not so lucky was Eddie Van Halen, one of the most awesome musicians on the planet... He passed away this morning, the big C... Fuck 2020 is really blowing hard. Our day wasn't as bad all things considered. Boy was fed and pushed out the door, only on breakfast this morning... He set an alarm for 5am but slept right through it. I was all wore out from ARGHFUCKDAY and dragging ass this morning but I eventually may it into the kitchen and dispatched all the meat we bought the other day... Portioned it out, froze some of it, cut up meat for souvloki... depigeoned some meat (the process of cutting off all the yucky stuff you aren't going to eat anyway, bones, fat, tendons, grissel, cartilage...), Took hours, we need to buy better cuts of meat LOL. Kinda left me not hungry for lunch. Which in turn left more space for yummy dinner. And with dinner I tossed some stuff in the blender... Water from a coconut I also dispatched, ice, almond milk, vanilla, sweetener and some cream... Damn if you didn't tell me it was keto friendly I wouldn't have known it wasn't a real milk shake... Once again the diet is killing me. LOL After dinner the boy and I went to hockey practice... His coach showed up with a cast on his foot... Yup 2020 Strikes again. I did hear that hockey down south (Toronto, Niagara...) Has been canceled due to the next wave of COVID19, hopefully to be back in January... Glad they aren't taking it away here yet, honestly we don't have the same problems here, it wouldn't be fair to the kids here to pull the plug because of issues in other areas. We are still not out of the water. On the way home we hit Timmies, no bank card but a pocket full of old gift cards... Here try this one... Ok now this one... 32 cents... Hmm, wait here is another. I got rid of 4 empty cards and have $4.68 left on the last one. Wallet is more clean now. Heather was still up when I got home... A friend of mine from down south had called a was talking with her for about an hour... She passed the phone off to me... Good to catch up with people from time to time, always enjoy hearing from old friends... We talked for another 2 and a half hours, LOL. By the time I was done he had me pondering moving to Costa Rica, seems like a good place to retire. You know you are getting old when the places you are looking to retire to are short term plans, ie actually looking at real estate listings and pondering the current laws about moving to another country. When I got off the phone no one was left awake... Have to remember... Tomorrow is photo day at school.

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Day 208

Posted 10/5/2020

Day 208: Mondays, have I given Monday an official alternative name yet? How about: ARGHFUCKDAY
Yes that will be it until I come up with something better... Really I don't see it happening any time soon. Got up and made the boy breakfast... Called him down... Now at this point in time I didn't know he set his alarm and got up with Heather this morning... But he had, she even made him breakfast. So he takes the plate from me with second breakfast on it and squirreled away to watch a few videos before school. Yes he ate all of second breakfast as well... So in total it looks like he had 3 sausages, 4 eggs, 2 English muffins, a few drinks... Anyway I made him lunch, which is likely still in his lunch bag now... And he head off to catch the bus. Heather called to remind me about the dentist appointments... Yes dentist appointment on a Monday... No point in making 2 days suck ass this week... Just one ultra suck day and get it over with. I grabbed a shower, sat down on the bed and had a long blink. Couldn't even cue up a video or a game on the Computer. Eventually I sent a message to the school letting them know I would be picking up Lawson early. Which I eventually did. We got to the dentist and they opted to take me first, just a cleaning... Or so they thought. Today I got to let the 2 dentist experience something new. Apparently neither of them have had to relocate a jaw before... Open wide... Ok maybe not that wide... My jaw locked open. Is that an unknown symptom of COVID19? Shit I knew it, I have it, I'm dieing. The first dentist worked on it for 10 minutes or so before he went for help. While he was out of the room I got one side unlocked... He returned with help, a slightly larger dentist... Now the process in volves pulling the jaw farther out of place and then moving it back into position and then trying to get both of you hands back out of the victims mouth as things snap back into place. The whole way through I'm trying to give directions, jaw locked with a mouth full of fists and towels so the force doesn't cut open hands on the sharp teeth... PUSH HARDER!!! I know how hard you need to push to dislocate and relocate a joint... My guess is they were afraid they we going to rip my face off in the process... Ultimately I believe that was kind of the goal really. Eventually we got the other side to go back in place... But not something we had scheduled time for... I opted to end the session at that point and go back another time to finish up, jaw was after all a tad sore... Man I blew that, should have asked for some pain meds LOL. When I got out Heather had made it there from work and was sitting with Lawson, he was up next. Routine in and out... While he was in, I went out to wait in the car where I didn't have to wear a mask... The breathing was a little rough at that point, it was easier just to go out. When Lawson was finished we went out for dinner, many of the restaurant have closed down, a number of others aren't open Mondays, because well, it's Monday afterall. We found a place much better than last week, they had things on the menu we could actually eat... Sure it cost a little more for steak than it did for the pogos at the other place last week... but what can you do. Lawson had deep fried cheese cake with Carmel sauce and whipped cream for dessert... Not going to let him do that again... It smelled too good to sit beside and not eat. Heather and I thought about a way to reproduce it in keto form while Lawson finished up. A quick hour ride home didn't leave a lot of time before bed, Heather tied knots again... Looks like she is just finishing up a matching scarf, gloves, and hat set... Needs to do something with the tails hanging out and add pompoms apparently... Monday nights I do watch a little show about drawing car toons on a live stream ( ) kinda cool so I did that... The boy played a game with his friends then did his evening routine followed by bed and quiet... You never know how little quiet there is in the day until the boy falls to sleep. Let me tell you though, it's almost as close to none as you can get.

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Day 207

Posted 10/4/2020

Day 207: Is it over yet? No... There are still a few of us alive that the COVID hasn't killed off yet... Apparently even the president of the USA now has it too... Which as I see it, is the beginning of the end... It's going to be the dancing in the streets that finishes off the Americans, one big block party, everyone gets is then presto... All gone. Wait, have I started today yet, Hmm... Ok maybe not. I started to make breakfast for everyone, had the batter for the pancakes made up, pan warming up on the stove... Then I hear the noise... Shit the water isn't draining again, I head to the basement and leave breakfast up to Heather to finish. I back washed the hot water heater while I was down there, got the drain pipes cleaned out, blockage in the line likely not far off the edge of the house, not a major issue... All good to go by the time my pancakes and sausage were done. Odd, this kind of thing usually waits for a holiday weekend to happen... Seems to be a week early. I started plowing through the hockey equipment, seems yesterday when in town I dropped off the new skates, his old skate blades, the ones that were the wrong ones... And we'll long story short, everything is down being sharpened... Maybe the boy will have to go on the ice as a player today. Oh wait, seems there is yet another set of goalie skates in the basement his size... Wait there is a complete extra set of gear... I sorted everything out... Yep, I got another few sets of gear sorted out and bagged up, going to have to label these with a type of gear and an age level or something... I have to drop of this one set for the novice kids to use this year. Lots of good deals on gently used gear out there right now... Bought new at the beginning of last season and then only use part of the year due to COVID and now the kids have out grown them... Going to have to keep my eyes open. While I worked on hockey gear the boy bailed on me... He went for a bike time eith his friends. On his return we had a quick bite to eat then Lawson and I head out for Ringette in Iroquois Falls. After warm-up and a few skating drills the coach cut him loose from the herd... Took him to the net with another assistant and they actually did goalie drills with him. Well there's something the hockey team still hasn't figured out. I mentioned to the coach afterwards that that was more goalie training than he got all last year with his hockey team. Apparently he went to the trouble to get another goalie to sit down with him and put together some stuff for Lawson to work on... Very impressed. While we were away Heather made dinner for us... We got home to chicken fingers and veggies, fried potatoes as well for the boy... And we stood around and ate as the things came out of the fryer Made use of the drink glasses again, and then had leftover breading stuff... Hmm... I got out and cut up some jalapeno jack cheese, cut it in cubes, battered, breaded those and fried them up as well... Hey what about mushrooms? The vodka was taking over the cooking process... I found a few more things the the fridge that fried up nicely before running out of pork rinds... Yes breading made from pork rinds ground up in the blender... Omg so good, gf, low carbs... Only ate a few bags tonight, yup more diet food... Gotta hate it. After dinner the 3 of us sat down on the bed to watch some videos while Heather continued to tie knots in things. Then all was dark again.

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Day 206

Posted 10/3/2020
Day 206: Saturday morning, bright and early, the house starts to stir. Seemed like an omelette morning, I made breaky for everyone before we head off to town. Took Heather to band camp and dropped her off... Ok I was on a mission this morning... Picked up a used pair of goalie skates an d a bag of hockey socks, you can never have too many of either of those things around... And then I went over to Gibbys Tavern, yes they have closed down, no I'm not day drinking and driving about town... But for some strange reason I was compelled to buy all their glasses... So now I may have a few more wine glasses than I need, But you never know when you are going to have 70 or 80 of your closest friends over to share a bottle of wine with... Just a little more classy then the red Solo cups. But now what to do with the beer glasses and mix drink glasses... Maybe I will have to take up day drinking. I went back to pick up Heather. We grabbed a bite to eat, bought some groceries and head home. When we got there everything was left in the car... Needed a break... Finally head back out to the car a little before dinner, there was more food in the car than the fridge at this point. Chicken wings for the win! Always an easy goto for weekend cooking... And we broke in some of the new glassware with a few adult beverages. See now that didn't take long to start drinking... I unpacked a few dozen glasses and loaded a shelf up. There seems to still be 4 large boxes of glasses left... Hmm... Sounds like a problem for another day. We wobble to the bedroom to watch another movie and run out the rest of the day.
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