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Revised April 21, 2017 (Effective May 22, 2017)


1.1 This organization shall be known as the BLACK RIVER- MATHESON MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION (B.R.M.M.H.A.). The B.R.M.M.H.A. shall be affiliated with the NORTHERN ONTARIO HOCKEY ASSOCIATION (N.O.H.A.).


2.1 To foster, promote and teach amateur hockey within the Township of Black River-Matheson. It shall be the aim of the association to provide a wholesome hockey experience, not only for the children participating, but also for the coaches, managers and league officials.

2.2 Our main interest shall always be in the child. Sportsmanship, fair play, good citizenship, friendly competition, enjoyment and full participation for all team members shall always be our guiding light. The association shall foster this belief that it is the prerogative of every child to have an equal opportunity to play, but with regards to facilities available. All decisions of the association shall be tempered with reason and will always consider the feelings of the individuals and of the team. It is our belief that this atmosphere will provide the greatest enjoyment and a wholesome experience for all concerned.

2.3 To promote, organize and to control team competition in the area of operation to the maximum of playing accommodations and financial resources.

2.4 To sponsor and promote such athletic, social and other activities as may contribute to the finances of the organization.


3.1 Any proposed affiliation of the B.R.M.M.H.A. with other leagues or tournaments will be discussed by the Executive of the B.R.M.M.H.A., Recreation Director, Coaches and a policy adopted.


1. President (elected)
2. Immediate Past President
3. Vice President (elected)
4. Secretary (elected)
5. Treasurer (elected)


6. Referee in Chief (appointed)
7. Fund Raising Director (appointed)
8. Registrar (appointed)
9. Media Director (appointed)
10. Statistician Director (appointed)
11. Coach Liaison (appointed)
12. Equipment Manager (appointed)
13. Ice Manager (appointed)
14. Canteen Director (appointed)
15. Merchandise Director (appointed)
16. Nevada Director (appointed)
17. Directors (elected or appointed as required)


Call regular meetings.
Call special meetings as needed.
Preside at all meetings.
Be one of the signing officers.
Is master of ceremonies for the year end celebration or names a replacement.

Shall act as a director.
Shall serve until the existing president completes his / her term.
Shall sit on board in an advisory capacity and provide continuity within the association.
Shall possess voting power.

Be an aid to the president.
Call and chair meeting in the absence or the disability of the president.
Be one of the signing officers.
Be responsible to receive all criminal record checks for the association.

Keep record of the proceedings of all regular and special meetings.
Assist president in planning agenda for meetings.
Keep up to date mailing list of all officials with phone numbers and addresses.
Shall conduct all correspondence of the B.R.M.M.H.A.
Keep records of the decisions of the association as a whole.
Shall maintain records on B.R.M.M.H.A. trophies.
Be one of the signing officer.

Shall propose a budget for the current season.
Shall collect and properly record all finances concerning B.R.M.M.H.A.
Shall pay account upon executives approval by cheque, countersigned by other signing officer.
Shall submit regular financial statements to the executive.
Shall be responsible for having an audit meeting and obtain copies of such audit for the executive.

Preferably but not mandatory that this person holds or has held certification by NOHA.
Shall attend all meetings of the B.R.M.M.H.A.
Shall be responsible for recruiting, training and scheduling all referees in a fair and equitable manner.
Honor and respect NOHA regulations.

Work with treasurer to determine the monetary needs in dollars for the season.
Search and present possible fundraising ideas for the current season.
Manage the chosen fundraiser for the association as a whole.
Work with team managers for team fundraising.
Gather and present a complete report to the association after completion of each fundraising.

Take registrar training through NOHA as required.
Responsible for releasing players as approved.
Keep track of number of registrations.
Present as needed number of registrations not used and request a refund from NOHA.
Present an approved roster to each team.
Put together a list containing player name, addresses and phone numbers per approved team.

Shall be in contact with the local paper to report any news of BRMMHA. such as tournaments, special events, draws and others.
Shall create and post events relating to BRMMHA
Shall keep the public informed on social media pages.

Shall collect game sheets after each game situated in the referee room.
Shall make sure that ALL games sheets are signed and dated by the referees in charge.
Shall mail in signed and completed game sheets.

This person shall be the contact person between coach and executive or between coach and coach in order prevent disagreements or hardships.

To take inventory of all equipment pre and post season.
To notify executive if new equipment needs to be purchased or equipment needs to be repaired.

The ice manager is responsible for overseeing the year round ice facility including scheduling and customer satisfaction.
Will be in contact with the township to reserve the arena for games, tournaments and other activities.

Organize and gather information from people about different ideas for the canteen.
Report to the executive in order to make decisions.

To order and have merchandise available for purchase such as hockey socks, sweatshirts, hats, caps and more.
This individual is the (go to) person if anyone would like to purchase special merchandise. They will then report to the executive.

To order and keep track of Nevada tickets sold at Local convenience store.
Keep a detailed report about the monies.
Deposit any necessary monies.

As arranged by president.
Shall accept individual assignments.
Shall serve on subcommittees as needed.
Shall attend regular and special meetings.

ARTICLE 6: By-Laws

6.1 The annual meeting of the B.R.M.M.H.A. shall be held no later than the last week of April. The newly elected executive shall assume its responsibilities for the upcoming season at that time. The outgoing executive will finalize any activities of the present season.

6.2 The public are to be informed by the news media 14 days in advance, by the Secretary, of the annual meeting.

6.3 The Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Association shall not be altered except at an annual meeting but can be amended by executive when needed.

6.4 An amendment of the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations shall be made only at the annual meeting and by 2/3 majority vote.

6.5 Notices of Motion, Correspondence, Constitution amendments and other matters for consideration at the annual meeting shall be in writing and sent to the Secretary twenty-one (21) days prior to the annual meeting. All suggested amendments to the Constitution, Bylaws, Rules and Regulations shall be distributed to all executive members 14 days in advance of the annual meeting.

6.6 The chairman shall ask for nominations for elected positions from the floor of the annual meeting.

6.7 Voting shall be secret ballot. Ties shall be broken by a draw.

6.8 There will be no voting by proxy.

6.9 Voting shall only be granted to those in good standing with the B.R.M.M.H.A.

6.10 The executive shall meet and from within themselves appoint officers to assignments.

6.11 The executive shall meet once a month during hockey season, unless otherwise needed. The President has the ability to call a meeting when the need arises.

6.12 A quorum of the executive shall consist of 1/2 of the executive.

6.13 The executive shall have the power to decide on any matters not covered in the Constitution, Bylaws, or Regulations of the BRMMHA.

6.14 The executive shall appoint a qualified person as auditor to audit the books of the B.R.M.M.H.A. prior to the first meeting in September.

6.15 Any member of the executive who misses more than 50% of the B.R.M.M.H.A. executive meetings without due cause shall no longer be considered a member of the executive.

6.16 In any case as an elected member cannot serve on the board (excluding directors) for the remainder of a season, the President may appoint a Director to that position.

6.17 In any case whereas a director cannot serve on the board, a replacement must be elected or appointed.

6.18 Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.

6.19 Should for any reason, the B.R.M.M.H.A. cease to function as herein constituted, any and all monies remaining in the B.R.M.M.H.A. account, commitments have been honored, shall revert to the succeeding Minor Hockey Association or if no such organization is in existence at that time, such monies shall be assigned to Local Recreation Organization as decided by the executive of BRMMHA, there to be allotted within a period of one calendar year dating from the time such monies are handed over, for the promotion of Minor Hockey in Black-River Matheson.

6.20 The executive or committee appointed by the executive shall appoint the timekeepers and scorekeepers for all B.R.M.M.H.A. games including playoffs.

6.21 Fees shall be paid to: Timekeeper, Linesman and Referees as established by the executive prior to the beginning of the season.

6.22 Linesman, Referees, Timekeeper and Scorekeepers must sign the score sheet themselves and complete a time sheet before payment can be made. The Referee in Chief must submit to the treasurer a breakdown of names and dates before issuing a cheque for payment. The Game sheet must also be provided.

6.23 Coaches and volunteers designated by the B.R.M.M.H.A. will be reimbursed for phone calls directly related to the operation of his/her team.

6.24 Referees, Linesman, Timekeepers, Scorekeepers, Coaches, Managers, Parents and the executive shall be supplied with a copy of the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations for their own general information.

6.25 B.R.M.M.H.A. Registration fees will be established prior to advertising for registration.

6.26 The B.R.M.M.H.A. will be composed of leagues governed by the N.O.H.A.

6.27 Satisfactory proof of age will be submitted with registration. No player will be registered, nor will his registration fee be accepted until such proof of age is provided.

6.28 Official registration shall constitute: proof of age, properly completed player certificate and payment of registration fee. All registration documents will remain in the possession of the Secretary of the B.R.M.M.H.A.

6.29 The B.R.M.M.H.A. shall resist any and all attempts to release players, except for the following;
i) Any player wishing to play for an AAA = team
ii) House league players wishing to play for Tier 1, unless Tier 1 is available in that age group within B.R.M.M.H.A.
iii) There is no team in that age division.

6.30 PLAYER INJURY: All accidents will be reported to the President of the B.R.M.M.H.A. no later than 24 hrs after the occurrence. Also, all accident forms from the CAHA/NOHA shall be filled out and signed by the physician or trainer if hospital was not entered for the accident and sent to the NOHA in a 24 hr. period of the incident.

6.31 ICE TIME: Available ice time shall be allotted by executive for games and practices.

6.32 EQUIPMENT: shall be compulsory for all players to follow NOHA equipment regulations.

6.33 All coaches shall be selected by the executive (as a whole) of the B.R.M.M.H.A. each season and shall be subject to dismissal by the executive (as a whole) during the season for not complying with the spirit, Constitution, Bylaws etc. All executive and coaching staff shall be subjected to the guidelines of the N.O.H.A Abuse and Harassment policy.

6.34 All executive members have the responsibility to report any difficulties with respect to the coaching staffs of all divisions. All complaints will be handled by the executive (as a whole) at the first regular meeting or if necessary at an emergency meeting to eliminate conflicts of interest.

6.35 When a coach has been selected, he will choose his own staff of qualified (N.O.H.A. C.A.H.A.) Personnel.
i) All travel teams from PeeWee on up must obtain Trainers with Level II (First Aid) Certification.
ii) All members of Travel Team Staff shall endeavour to obtain Trainer Certification.

6.36 Decisions for financial expenditures other than the payment of normal operating expenses will only be made with the approval of the executive.

6.37 One Director will be appointed to organize all Fund Raising activities for the Association. All to ensure that funds earned from same are deposited into the BRMMHA account. This is to include funds raised by teams to attend tournaments; we can issue a cheque from BRMMHA to the tournament organizers.

6.38 Appointed Managers will report statistics on a monthly basis for their team as directed by the Executive.

6.39 The executive shall have the power to decide on any matters not covered in the Constitution, Bylaws, or Regulations of the BRMMHA.

6.40 Team Fundraising must be done through the BRMMHA. No BRMMHA team shall go out and solicit funds or donations of any type from our local businesses unless approved by the Executive of the day. BRMMHA will provide a form for teams to go out and fundraise. If a form is not filled out and signed by the President of BRMMHA, there will be NO FUNDRAISING. Once the fundraising event is over, a financial report must be handed back to the executive of the day, before another event can take place. Failure to do so will result in a fundraising ban to the team for the season.


Revised April 21, 2016

This is a working document for the 2017-2018 season, therefore is subject to change as needed.


1.1 All players, coaches, managers, parents, coaching staff and others involved in the administration of BRMMHA are to comply with all provisions of the Constitution, Bylaws and Rules, and to accept decisions of the BRMMHA executive and officials.

1.2 The BRMMHA will not allow a player, team or game official on the ice during practice or a game, who is under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

1.3. All players must have the registration fee (as set out by the Executive) paid before they are allowed to participate in any minor hockey activities.

1.4. No member of the executive of the BRMMHA will be barred from coaching or managing any team by reason of his being an officer of the BRMMHA.

1.5. Unless otherwise specified, N.O.H.A. rules for the current season shall govern all BRMMHA games.

1.6 Playing times for BRMMHA league games shall be governed by the NOHA pending extenuating circumstances.

1.7 Protest shall be handled according to CAHA/NOHA regulations.

1.8 Timekeepers/Scorekeepers and Officials will function according to CAHA/NOHA regulations.

1.9 There will be no horseplay in or on the arena property by any member of this Minor Hockey Association.

1.10 All BRMMHA volunteer will be subject to mandatory criminal checks as per NOHA policy. These criminal checks will be reviewed by the President and Vice President of the association on a yearly basis.

1.11 All persons are encouraged to raise concerns about violence and to report any violent incidents or threats according to the established reporting procedures. We hold a zero policy of violence, harassment and bullying.

1.12 Because of the serious nature of a complaint, false accusations or abuse of this policy will not be tolerated. Where a formal investigation concludes that a complaint was knowingly frivolous or malicious and was files in bad faith, disciplinary action will result up to and including dismissal for all BRMMHA activities. We are a zero tolerance association.

1.13 The use of social media such as Facebook and twitter to publicly shame, critize, humiliate or degrade any member of the BRMMHA (Coaches, coaching staff, managers, executive members, officials, players, and arena staff) shall NOT be tolerated. The ones responsible shall be subject to disciplinary actions.

1.14 All players whose fees are delinquent may with notice be prohibited from participating in BRMMHA hockey activities.

1.15 Players and parents are encouraged to first approach the manager or coaching staff of any problems or concerns. Should the issue not be resolved or warrants more serious action, it will be brought to the BRMMHA executives.


2.1 It is the responsibility of the parent to make sure players are present at the arena 30 minutes prior to practice time and 1 hour prior to game time.

2.2 The article of the Constitution, By-laws and regulations are to be strictly adhered to by team managers, coaches and parents both on and off the ice. They shall enforce all rules and regulations at all times.

2.3 A coach shall at his own discretion set his team structure pertaining to positions and forward and defense ones based on the player ability and talents. He shall be permitted to change players at his discretion. Coaching staff involved with house league will attempt to ensure equal ice time for all players. Coaching staff involved with Tier 1 will attempt to ice all players fairly, while maintaining coaching strategies.

2.4 Team managers and coaches shall ensure that game reports are properly legible and correctly printed and reach the timekeeper before the game begins.

2.5 Managers and coaches are responsible for all equipment issued to their team.

2.6 Management and coaching staff will treat players with respect, equality and encourage the players to treat other players and staff with the same courtesy.

2.7 A coach shall at their discretion appoint a manager, trainer and assistant coach for their team.

2.8 Any player fighting in dressing rooms or during practice time shall face a possible suspension from all minor hockey activities for a period of seven day. An offence of the above shall call for the immediate dismissal of the offender for the remainder of the hockey season.

2.9 All players must follow directions of their coaching staff. They shall treat each other, coaches, staff and officials with respect in order to set a good example for other players.


Violence is: the exercise of physical force by a person against a player, parent, coach, manager, executive or official (here after will be stated as person) that causes or could cause physical injury to another person.

Violence is: an attempt to exercise physical force against a person that could cause physical injury to another person.

Violence is: a statement or behavior that is reasonable for a person to interpret as a threat to exercise physical force against another person that could cause physical injury to the person.

Harassment means engaging in courses of vexatious comments or conduct against any person during any BRMMHA activities that is known or ought to be known to be unwelcome.

Harassment may also relate to a form of discrimination as set out in the Ontario Human Rights Code, but it does not have to. Grounds for harassment in this situation are: race, ancestry, place or origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, age, record of offences, marital status, family status, handicap, sex, religion, language, and sexual orientation.

Sexual Harassment is: any conduct, comment, gesture or contact of a sexual nature that is likely to cause offence or humiliation to any person; and that might, on reasonable grounds, be perceived by that person as placing a condition of a sexual nature if said person fulfills any request by harasser.

Examples of sexual harassment include but are not limited to:
- unwelcome sexual remarks
- unwelcome physical contact
- unwanted touching, patting, and leering
- sexually suggestive gestures
- verbal threats or abuse
- inquiries or comments about an individual’s sex life
- telephone calls with sexual overtones
- sexual insults/jokes causing embarrassment
- repeat unwanted social invitations
- displaying of pornographic or sexually offensive material
- inappropriate comments about a person’s physical attributes or appearance

Sexual Solicitation is: a sexual advance made by a person who is in a position to grant or deny a benefit to another.

Reprisal is when a person who is in a position to grant or deny a benefit, threatens or institutes a reprisal against the person who rejected his or her sexual advance. (ex. Benching or demoting)

Racial Harassment includes comments, signs, caricatures, cartoons, or graffiti which demean members or a race.


Results from the actions of one individual towards another, or from the behavior of a group and is characterized through insulting, hurtful, hostile, vindictive, cruel or malicious behaviors which undermine, disrupt or negatively impact another’s ability to participate in BRMMHA activities and result in a harmful environment for the person. Bullying takes many forms and occurs when the behavior or conduct: would reasonably tend to cause offense, discomfort, humiliation, or embarrassment to another person or group; has the purpose or effect of interfering with a person’s performance; creates an intimidating, threatening, hostile or offensive environment

Examples of unacceptable bullying behavior include but are not limited to:
insulting or derogatory remarks, gestures or actions
rude, vulgar language or gestures
malicious rumors, gossip or negative innuendo
verbal aggression and/or verbal abuse
shouting or yelling in negative connotations
swearing, name-calling
glaring or staring
outbursts or displays of anger directed at others
targeting an individual through persistent, unwarranted criticism
public ridicule
verbal, written or physical threats and intimidate
isolation and/or exclusion from BRMMHA activities
misuse of power or authority

If harassment occurs within the course of the hockey season or during BRMMHA activities, it may involve conduct that is verbal or non-verbal, a single incident or a series of incidents.

Harassment can be directed at a player, parent, coach, manager, executive or official.

Harassment does not include decisions or actions relating to the persons performance, including a decision to change the performance or the conditions, to discipline the person or to dismiss the person.

No person or any individual affiliated with the BRMMHA shall subject any other person to harassment or allow or create conditions that support harassment. Any person that subjects another person to harassment may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from all BRMMHA activities.

All persons are encouraged to raise concerns about harassment and to report any harassment incidents according to the established reporting procedures BRMMHA Executive pledges to investigate and deal with all incidents and complaints of harassment in a timely and fair manner, respecting the privacy of all concerned to the extent possible.

3.16 Retaliation or reprisals against anyone involved in a resolution process through this policy will not be tolerated. Any actions or retaliation or reprisal may result in disciplinary action.

Protection from reprisal covers both complainants and witnesses who have participated in the policy process.

Because of the serious nature of a complaint, false accusations or abuse of this policy will not be tolerated, where a formal investigation concludes that a complaint was knowingly frivolous or malicious and was filed in bad faith disciplinary action will result, up to and including dismissal from all BRMMHA activities.

ARTICLE 4: Consequences

4.1 The president has the authority to reprimand a coach, team official player or parent. If discipline warrants beyond stage 1, the issue shall be brought to the executive as a whole and the decided level of disciple shall be decided by vote.

Stage #1: Verbal warning

A verbal warning typically begins the progressive discipline process. It is used in situations where issues can be identified as minor infractions or is the first infraction.
The individual will be given an explanation of when and how the infraction took place. This will include the reason as to why the behavior or action was unacceptable.

Stage #2: Written warning

A written warning will be issued to individual regarding the misconduct. The individual will sign the warning as acceptance of the warning and present it to an executive member.

Stage #3: Suspension

If misconduct continues or increases in occurrence and intensity, a suspension may be imposed.
The duration of the suspension will be decided at the discretion of the president.
Suspensions can be given in situations such as but are not limited to: repetitive lack of adherence to policies and procedures, verbal abuse of player, parent, coaching staff or official.

Stage #4: Termination

Termination with cause is the most severe type of discipline and must only be used when all other types of discipline have failed or the nature of the incident is so severe to warrant this action.
The individual will receive in writing the reason for termination and will be terminated from all BRMMHA activities as needed
Termination cause is given to situations, including but not limited to physical or sexual assault, serious theft and repeated disciplinary attempts.

4.3 The executive shall refer to the approved progressive discipline outlined in this procedure, keeping in mind the seriousness of the incident.

4.4 The president along with a designated executive member shall present the decided discipline.

4.5 In situations where the President is the person in need of discipline, the association as a whole shall decide the level of discipline to impose.

4.6 The Vice President with designate shall present the decided level of discipline to the president and do any follow up as needed.

Rules and Rugulations

Rules and Regulations in English


BRM Minor Hockey Association Annual Awards 2017-18

Awards Photo 2018

BRM Annual Awards

MVP Awards

Hal Gourley Tyke M-V-P: Vince Lamarche
Critter/Leavoy/Purdon Novice M-V-P: Lawson Turnbull
Michael Montague Memorial M-V-P: Nick Chapleau
Charles Delaurier Memorial Peewee M-V-P: Cole Gauthier
Doris Walters Memorial Bantam M-V-P: Kevin Harrison
Cindy McChristie Memorial Midget M-V-P: Joshua Pettefer

Most Dedicated

G & M Transportation Atom Most Dedicated: Kierra Bourgeois
George Lockwood Memorial Peewee Most Dedicated: Landyn Geoffroy
Shawn Purdy Memorial Bantam Most Dedicated: Logan Nicholson

Top Defence Awards

Al Landry Memorial Best Defenceman Novice: Evan Andrews
Sean Camirand Memorial Atom Top Defenceman: Noah Rocheleau
B & E Oad Best Defenceman Peewee: Marshall Bourgeois
Aural Camirand Memorial Top Defenceman Midget: Gavin Truax

Most Improved Awards

G & M Transportation Peewee Most Improved: Dreydin Kebookee
John & Louise Dambrowitz Award Most Improved Player Midget: Devon Longstreet
Bilodeau Most Improved Atom Player: Alexandra Gauthier

Most Sportsmanlike Conduct

Dr. J.A. Deanne Award Most Sportsmanlike Conduct in Midget: Scott Purdy

Appreciation Awards

Desiree Sutherland Unsung Hero Award: Makenna Truax
Atom Coachs Award: Brianna Truax
Presidents Award: John Oliver and Wayne Lacoursiere

ESSO Annual Awards

Most Improved

Tyke: Zaiyden Collins / Novice: Zack Lessard / Atom: Cara Geoffrey / Peewee: Makenna Truax / Midget: Bradley Chapleau

Most Dedicated

Tyke: Alexis Kennedy / Novice: Brianna Truax / Atom: Sophie Bourgeois / Peewee: Tyanna Renwick / Midget: Armand Aucamp

Sportsmanship Award

Tykes: Liam Brown / Novice: Logan Lamarche / Atom: Nahum Campsall / Peewee: Trent Gauthier / Midget: Liam Koostachin

Hockey Development Centre for Ontario Awards

MVP Award: Lawson Turnbull

BRM Minor Hockey Association Annual General Meeting

This year AGM will be held May 9th, 2018 - 7PM at the Kinsmen Cabin on 2nd Street (top of the landing). Looking forward to hearing your opinions and always looking for more volenteers... come out to the meeting, make the 2018-19 season a season to remember.

Humboldt Logo-jpg

Humboldt Broncos support fundraiser

In light of the Humboldt tragedy we are leaving a link here to help support the victims and families of those involved. Also, April 12th is Jersey Day - Wear your Team Jersey to show your support.

News April 2nd 2018


Please join us on April 28th, 2018 11am-3pm @ the Vern Miller Arena
Awards will be followed by a pizza lunch sponsored by BRMMHA Canteen
Meal is free to both players and coaches, players are able to invite
guest including parents and 2 extra guest at a cost of $5 per guest.

Following lunch all guest are invited to play a ball hockey game at the arena.
If you wish to play please bring your own helmet, gloves, stick and running shoes.

Please RSVP by April 18th via Facebook or by contacting Melissa 705-262-6855

HDCO Penalty Free Sweepstakes MVP Award

Hockey Development Centre Ontario

LAWSON-jpg March 1st 2018 - the Hockey Development Centre for Ontario has chosen their Most Valuable Player Awards for their 2017-18 Penalty Free Sweepstakes which promotes Skills, Safety & Sportsmanship. This award is given to 10 players across Ontario that embodies the Centre's view on how hockey should be played. Out of the hundreds of thousands of eligible players yearly, sinces the awards inception, only half a dozen players in Northern Ontario have won the award. This year a Matheson Player brought home one of the 10 MVP titles for standing his ground against unfathomable odds. He alway did his best for his team. He never got mad about the shots that got past him and continued to work hard long after all hope was lost. He had no penalties this season and most of the players on the teams we played against know him and are friends of his. Over the year his skill set has improved exponentially and he is one of the strongest goaltenders in the division... This season Lawson Turnbull brought home one of HDCO's MVP Awards.

Yestredays News

Today is now yesterday, a little less important than today because it hs no photo.